Winchester Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

[Two Couples Dancing]

About Scottish Country Dancing

We are members of the Winchester Branch of the RSCDS, which stands for the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society. There are many Branches and affiliated groups worldwide. The Scottish Country Dance Society was formed in 1923 but the Royal title was bestowed by King George VI in 1951. The late Queen Elizabeth II was a keen dancer herself as was her mother, the Queen Mother.

Winchester Branch was formed over 70 years ago. We run many events throughout the year, some strictly for dancers and others for anyone who wants to try Scottish Country Dancing as a hobby. You do not have to be Scottish to join.

There are clubs in almost every country in the world, so we take our dancing shoes with us whenever we travel. It's a great way to make friends, keep fit and keep the brain cells well exercised. Best of all, you are guaranteed to have a good laugh as it is such good fun!

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